Newest Announcements:

GN Empire Builder 8 Car Set and Great Dome Cars in GN and SF
PRR and SAL "Silver Meteor" 6 Car Set and Extra Cars
Including PRR Pool Coaches and Sleepers in PRR Lettering
12-1 and 8-1-2 Sleepers Are Coming Back!!!
OGLE Wooden Coaling Tower, A Short Run!!! 
17" Plastic Harriman Cars - New
1930-1950s Little People - New Tooling Better Painting Coming September!!!
PRR P70-FAR / Modern HW 80' Coaches ARE IN STOCK!!!
SP Sunset Limited (8 Car Set) - Reserve Now!!!
Santa Fe "El Capitan" 8 Car Set (2nd Run Reservations Full / Standby Accepted)


Golden Gate Depot (GGD) was founded in 1988 to import fine scale models from various builders in Korea and China. The models on this page have been produced to exacting specifications and are as scale in construction and appearance as possible. We are currently planning new projects in plastic and would like to have your input. Please contact us by email.  Click on the page to the right. It contains a PDF file of our current newsletter, advertisement and order form for your convenience 


Golden Gate Depot
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San Ramon, CA 94583

We are a mail order company, please feel to email us with any of your questions. 

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